OMNEST comes with the following documentation. Note: network simulation frameworks have their own documentation, they are not listed here. Most documents are available via the HTML-based Help system of the Simulation IDE as well.

Document Description
Installation Guide Provides instructions on how to install OMNEST on Windows, macOS and selected Linux distributions. Also gives directions on how to build and install OMNEST on other Linux distributions and arbitrary Unix and Unix-like systems.
OMNEST Manual A comprehensive and in-depth description of using OMNEST; from principles to programming, parameterizing, running simulations, and evaluating results. The manual also covers advanced topics like parallel distributed simulation, extending the simulator with custom schedulers, and embedding simulations into 3rd party applications. Does not cover the Simulation IDE (see IDE User Guide).
Simulation API Reference A cross-referenced HTML documentation of the C++ simulation library, generated from header files and source comments.
NEDXML API Reference A rarely-needed cross-referenced HTML documentation of the library that lets you programmatically access and manipulate NED source files.
Simulation IDE User Guide Provides detailed coverage of using the Simulation IDE and its functionality. Covers model (NED) editing; C++ editing and build; parameterizing and configuring models; launching simulations; debugging, tracing and inspecting simulations; visualizing simulation history on sequence charts; analyzing simulation results; generating model documentation; and other tasks.
IDE Customization Guide Describes how one can create custom wizards that appear under the File > New menu of the IDE. These wizards can generate projects, networks, network nodes, C++ sources and other files. No Java or C++ programming is required for authoring such wizards, and they require no installation in the IDE.
IDE Developers Guide Documents how one can extend the Eclipse-based Simulation IDE by writing plug-ins in Java. Contains installation instructions for the Eclipse PDE (Plug-in Development Environment) and gives an overview of the additional APIs exposed by OMNEST plug-ins. (Detailed API documentation is provided in the form of Javadoc comments.)
IDE Overview A short document that introduces the main functionality (editors, views, etc.) of the Simulation IDE; illustrated with many screenshots.
Tictoc Tutorial A short tutorial for programming simulations in OMNEST. It takes the user through 15+ simulations with increasing complexity, introducing new features at each step.
Migration Guide Provides an overview and instructions for migrating simulations written for earlier (3.x) versions of OMNEST or OMNeT++, using the provided migration tools and some manual work.
API Changes Enumerates the list of simulation API changes in each OMNEST version. Items are classified as new feature, incompatible change, incompatible but minor change, deprecation, removal of deprecated item, informational note.