Evaluation versions are full OMNEST installations, including the simulation libraries, tools, the IDE, sample simulations, and documentation.

Windows Installer

Installs OMNEST Evaluation on a Windows machine (Windows 10 or 11). You can run and modify all the provided samples and create your own small simulations. You can also download, install and try OMNEST models from the web.

A C++ compiler and binaries are included for compiling simulation models from source (MinGW version of GCC and Clang); also included are the simulation libraries for the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ (must be preinstalled on your system.)

Other Platforms

OMNEST has wide platform support. In addition to Windows, the IDE is also available on macOS and Linux, and simulations can be run on virtually any platform that is powerful enough and has a standards-compliant C++ compiler. If you wish to evaluate OMNEST on macOS, please contact us.

  • Limitations of the evaluation version: (1) no source code is provided for the simulation kernel; (2) simulations are limited to 10,000,000 events and 1000 modules.
  • Network simulation models are not included, they need to be downloaded separately; read more here.