If you are looking into using OMNEST for simulation projects within your company, or you are searching for an embeddable simulation kernel for your product, please check the Licensing FAQ and the license conditions below. You are welcome to contact us with your questions, or for further details.

Commercial licenses come in two basic forms. Perpetual licenses are available, and can be used indefinitely, with the option to upgrade if a major release becomes available. Annual licenses can be purchased at a flat rate, and are valid for 12 months. Annual licenses enable a flexible configuration of licenses, while also reducing the initial investment necessary to start using OMNEST in commercial endeavors.

Standard licensing

We offer designated user licenses, which are similar to seat licenses, but are assigned to a single developer. Licenses can be re-designated to new individuals to accommodate for internal team changes on a reasonable time scale as long as this is not intended to defeat the concept that each user shall have their own separate license. OMNEST may be installed on a reasonable number of machines provided that the Named User is the only individual permitted to use it under both the perpetual and annual license terms.

Annual licenses

We offer to deduct the last 12 months' license fees from the price, if an existing annual license is later converted to a perpetual license. This effectively means that you can start using OMNEST at a much lower price than standard licenses, and recover the first year's license fee when you convert to perpetual licenses.

The option of prolongation of the annual license is also available, and you can extend or reduce the number of licenses used as you please. Licenses for terms shorter than 12 months are not offered, and our discount offer is limited to the last 12 months of annual license fees only you paid for the license to be converted to a perpetual license.


Both annual and perpetual licenses carry the option to redistribute your simulation code, NED files, etc. All intellectual property you create in OMNEST is yours to distribute as you please. The licenses do not permit the distribution of self-running simulations however, since these must contain a part of OMNEST to function. We refer to these as "derivative products", and must consider their application in detail (scope, planned number, distribution, etc.) if you plan to use them extensively. Note that if your counterpart (or colleague) also has access to OMNEST, then the distribution of binaries is usually not necessary.

We hope the above has met with your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.