This is a maintenance release containing several bugfixes.

Simulation kernel:

  • Fix: Proper namespace resolution for C++ types in @signal declarations.
  • Added cProperty::getValueOriginFile(), getValueOriginType().
  • Fix: Build errors on newer versions of clang.
  • Fix #933: eventlog recording intervals were ignored.
  • Fix: Check for context component in all built-in NED functions that need it and throw an exception if there is none, instead of just crashing.


  • CDT component upgraded to 10.6.2
  • Fix #938: Filtering the eventlog in the sequence chart makes it empty.
  • Fix #896: NED visual editor cannot show warning symbol.
  • Fix #634: NED files in search results now open properly in NED editor.
  • Fix #932: Exception when the filter button was clicked on the Sequence Chart window.
  • Fix #936: Illegible text on build output console in dark mode.

Analysis Tool:

  • Various fixes in the Python analysis package.
  • Added the python/ folders of referenced project(s) to Python path of chart scripts.
  • On Windows, the bundled Python was upgraded to 3.10, fixing several issues in NumPy and Matplotlib.

NED Documentation Generator:

  • Refined support for msg types with namespace.
  • Added support for "@debug links" page directive.
  • Made namespaces appear in the navigation tree.


  • Fix: Non-working parameter replacements in channel display strings.
  • Fix: Missing logs with disabled event/initialization banners.
  • Fix #934: Eliminate assertion failure on stopping eventlog recording from Qtenv.
  • Fix: Clamp nonzero computed animation speed to at least 1e-9. (Very low animation speed could result in simulation time not progressing at all, due to finite precision in the computations.)
  • Various other minor bug fixes.


  • Minor corrections in the Installation Guide.
  • Updated documentation for the omnetpp.scave Python classes.
  • Document fingerprint ingredients added in 6.0.

What's New in OMNEST 6.0