This is a maintenance release with dozens of bug fixes.

Configure and setenv:

  • configure now mandates having setenv sourced before it runs.
  • setenv now sets OMNETPP_IMAGE_PATH, in order to prevent model
    frameworks from accidentally making OMNeT++ bundled icons unaccessible
    from Qtenv by simply appending to OMNETPP_IMAGE_PATH.
  • configure now creates configure.user from configure.user.dist
    if it does not already exist.

Simulation kernel:

  • Improved overflow checking in SimTime operator=() methods
  • Better commenting of cGate::connectTo() and disconnect(), and some other methods
  • Fix in ConstantFilter to return the constant value from getInitialDoubleValue()
  • Fix for missing initialization of some result filters
  • Fix in cDatarateChannel to clear finished transmissions from txList
  • Fix for the issue where intuniform() had a broken bounds check
  • Disallowing changes to arrival time and scheduling priority in cEvent when scheduled
  • Fix for startup error complaining about arg count of hypot()
  • Addition of cEventHeap::checkHeap() for potential FES debugging
  • Introduction of a panic() function and ASSERT_DTOR() for throwing from destructors
  • Fix for warnings in the code


  • IDE update to Tycho 2.7.5, Eclipse 4.29, CDT 11.3, and removal of ansiconsole plugin
  • Error message display improvement in Simulation Model Installer
  • Checking for dangling project references in IDE
  • Workaround for "Unhandled event loop" exceptions in Inifile Editor
  • Fix for "String index out of range: 0" in Inifile Editor
  • Detection of duplicate submodule names in NED
  • Compatibility with Matplotlib 3.8 in Analysis Tool
  • Improved error/warning message display in Analysis Tool
  • Adjustments to zoom and legend behavior in native plots in Analysis Tool
  • Preselection of all temp charts in "Save On Close" dialog in Analysis Tool
  • Support for key events in Matplotlib for x/y navigation modes in Analysis Tool
  • Fix leaking cursor resources in Analysis Tool
  • Workaround for display glitch in Analysis Tool's "Choose table columns" dialog
  • Periodic reload of user's chart templates in Analysis Tool
  • Improved zoom behavior in native plots in Analysis Tool
  • Trimming from left instead of right for right-aligned table columns in Analysis Tool
  • Parameter type display improvement in Analysis Tool
  • Support for displaying vectors with bool data type in Analysis Tool
  • Workaround for crash in SWT table and tree widgets in Analysis Tool
  • Ensure reading all NED files in NED Documentation Generator
  • Resolution of unresolved module interface in NED Documentation Generator
  • Fix for unreadable text in dark theme in generated NED source listing
  • Tooltip content improvements for submodules in generated NED documentation
  • Default navigation target changes for submodule types in generated NED documentation
  • Fix for bug #939 in Sequence Chart


  • Error handling improvement in the Object Inspector
  • Focus adjustment in the Run Selection dialog
  • Purge message animations when their messages are rotated out of the LogBuffer
  • Fix simulations stopping spontaneously when running in FAST mode
  • Message animations made more tolerant of degeneration connections
  • Clamp non-zero computed animation speed to at least 1e-9
  • Proper rendering of degenerate connections
  • Fix for missing logs with disabled event/initialization banners
  • Fix for non-working parameter replacements in channel display strings
  • Fix assertion failure on stopping eventlog recording
  • Fix for includes in osg.msg
  • Refactoring for code clarity, warning elimination

Python (omnetpp.scave.* packages):

  • Use of pandas.concat instead of deprecated DataFrame.append
  • Fix to hide legend in Matplotlib plots if it was empty
  • Fixed division by zero warnings in timeavg filter
  • Fix to prevent turning scalars of value 0 into NaNs
  • Added missing docstring in of omnetpp/scave
  • Fixed a subtle bug related to mutable objects as default values
  • Look for projects by real name instead of directory name
  • Improved treatment of workspace_dir and error handling in get_project_location()
  • Fixed error if a renamed project is not directly under the Eclipse workspace directory
  • Improved error message for project not found errors
  • Reload mpl and plt before exporting an image for reproducibility in opp_charttool
  • Added "python" folder of referenced projects to python path in opp_charttool


  • Fix wrong bounding box for Graphviz-generated images in the manual
  • Fix stray LaTeX comments showing up in the HTML version of the manual
  • Allow running tests in other than "debug" mode
  • Fix for bug #1055 during Windows builds

What's New in OMNEST 6.0.1